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  1. Menu
    All meals are served with bread and butter and come with soup or house salad and a side ( if no pasta or fries included)
  2. Appetizers...
    Mozzarella sticks 7.99 Boneless Chicken wings 7.99 Fried Calamari 9.99 Char-grilled Octopus 15.50 Coconut Shrimp 9.99 Fire cracker Shrimp 8.99 Shrimp and Feta a la Toast 9.99 Potato Skins 7.99 Smoked Fish dip 7.95
  3. Appetizers
    U-peel Shrimp 1/2 lb 9.00 Shrimp Cocktail 8.00 Louisiana Barbeque Shrimp 11.95 Oysters Rockefeller 12.99 Broiled Oysters 9.99 Clams Casino 8.00 Clams Oreganato 11.25 Mussels Marinara 11.25 Raw Oyster or Clams mkt
  4. Salads
    Caesar Salad reg. 6.00 Large 7.99 Tarpon Greek Salad 9.00 Village Greek Salad 9.00 House Salad 4.99 Add Shrimp ( Grilled or Fried) 5.25 Add Grilled Chicken or Fried Calamari 4.50
  5. Fresh Seafood....
    Fresh Seafood....
    Fish Filets are 9-10oz Grouper Alexander 17.99 Red Snapper Blue Oyster 17.99 Tilapia Stuffed with Crab 16.99 Atlantic Salmon Grilled or Glazed 17.99 Sea Scallops 18,99 Snow Crabs 17.99 Flounder Francaise 16.99 Flounder with Crab 17.50
  6. Fresh Seafood
    Fresh Seafood
    Atlantic Haddock Broiled, Grilled or Blackened 15.99 Shrimp Scampi 17.99 Seafood Marinara 18.99 Seafood Combo 18.99 Lobster Tail and 5 Jumbo Shrimp 19.99 Twin Lobster Tails 23.00
  7. Fried Seafood
    Fried Seafood
    with Cole slaw Fried Shrimp and fries 15.99 Fried Oysters and fries 16.99 Fried Clams Strips and fries 9.99 Fried Atlantic Haddock and fries 13.99 Fried Crab Cakes and fries 14.99 COMBOS:Fried Atlantic Haddock,Oysters, Shrimp, Clam Strips, Crab Cake/Soft Shell Crab and fries 17.99/18.99
  8. Fresh Cut Angus Steaks...
    Fresh Cut Angus Steaks...
    Ribeye 12 oz 17.99 NY Strip 12 oz 17.99 Filet 10 oz 19.99 1/2 slab Ribs 13.99
  9. Chicken
    Piccata 14.99 Marsala 14.99 Grilled 12.99 Maria Style Grilled Topped with Ham and Swiss Cheese 14.99
  10. Modern Greek
    Modern Greek
    served with small Greek salad or soup du jour and rice Shish-Kebob JUMBO Chicken or Pork 15.99 Spanakopita 12.99 Shrimp Santorini 17.99 Lamb Shank 16.50
  11. Pastas
    Linguine Marinara 10.00 add 3 large meatballs 3.99 Linguine and Clam sauce Red/White 13.50 Blackened Chicken Alfredo 13.99 Shrimp Alfredo 16.99
  12. Sandwiches...
    served with fries, hush puppies and a pickle Burger Americana Bacon, Mushrooms and American Cheese 9,99 Blue Oyster Burger Caramelized Onions, Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese 10.99 Cheese Burger 8.99 Grilled Chicken Cheddar Cheese and Mushrooms 9.99
  13. Sandwiches
    Fried Chicken topped with Onion Straws and Swiss 9.99 Corned Beef Reuben 10,99 Po Boy Shrimp/Oyster 10.99 GROUPER Grilled, Blackened or Beer Battered reg 11.95 super 14.95 GROUPER REUBEN 11.95
  14. Tacos
    served with black beans and rice Shrimp, Oyster, Grouper, Chicken or Tilapia 9.99 Chicken 8.99 Shrimp 10.99 Oyster 10.99 Grouper 14.00
  15. Desserts
    New Orleans Bread Pudding 3.25 Orange Cheese Cake 5.00 Carrot Cake 4.50 Irish Whiskey Cake 5.00 Brownie a la mode 4.00 Ice cream 2.25
  16. Sides...
    Included 2.25 Cole slaw~Black beans and rice~rice pilaf Idaho baked potato~French fries~Mashed potato~Potato salad Additional sides Mac and cheese 4.50 Onion Straws 3.00 Hush Puppies 3.00
  17. Lunch Specials....
    Lunch Specials....
    Bowl of soup du Jour and salad 5.99 Bowl of soup du Jour and Grilled Cheese with Ham or tomato 6.99 Cup of soup du Jour and 1/2 Sandwich Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Ham or 1/2 Chicken Quesadilla 8.99 Fried Combo Basket Oysters, Shrimp and Clams Strips and Fries 9.99 Fried Haddock Sandwich and Fries 8.99
  18. Lunch Specials
    Lunch Specials
    Fried Crab Cake Sandwich and Fries 9.99 Fried Soft Shell Crab Sandwich and Fries 10.99 Open Face Roast Beef Sandwich and Mashed Potatoes 9.99 3 Egg Omelet Cheese 6.99 3 Egg Make your own Omelet 7.99 Crab, Swiss and Spinach Omelet 9.99
  19. Weekend Brunch....
    Weekend Brunch....
    Includes Hot tea or fresh brewed coffee 2 for 1 Mimosas' or Bloody Mary's 5/6 2 eggs, 2 bacon, sausage or ham, home fries or tomatoes and toast 7.25 add an egg .75 2 Buttermilk cakes 5,50 with blueberries 6.50 add a cake .75
  20. Weekened Brunch...
    Weekened Brunch...
    Skillets 2 eggs, 3 toppings and toast 7.99 add a topping .89 3 egg omelets 3 toppings with home fries, or tomatoes and toast 7.99 add a topping .89 Eggs Benedict with ham or crab cake with home fries or tomatoes 8.99 Biscuits and Gravy, 2 eggs 2 bacon or sausage 8.25
  21. Weekened Brunch
    Weekened Brunch
    Country Fried Steak and 2 eggs 9.99 Crab meat, Swiss and Spinach Omelet 10.99
  22. Daily Dinner Specials...
    Daily Dinner Specials...
    Complete Four Course Meal Includes Soup du Jour cup, Salad, and Dessert Sunday Pork KeBob and rice 15.99 Monday Lobster Tail and rice 14.99
  23. Daily Dinner Specials
    Daily Dinner Specials
    Tuesday Surf and Turf Fajitas Steak and Shrimp with rice 12.99 Wednesday Seafood Festival Boil Crab Legs, Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, New Potatoes and Corn on the cob 16.99
  24. Daily Dinner Specials
    Daily Dinner Specials
    Thursday Steak Night 10 oz Sirloin with Mashed Potatoes 15.99 Desserts New Orleans Bread pudding or Ice Cream
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